Life Update (18th Birthday!!!)

Hello again, amigos!

I am really sorry for disappearing, for such a long time. It actually wasn’t my plan.
If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I spent 3-4 days in the hospital. Everything is okay now, no need to worry! It took me around two months, to actually start being ”normal” again. And believe me, I understood what they mean, when they say ”you only know what you had, when you’ve lost it”.

I don’t really want to talk about my infection. It’s kind of personal. The worst thing about it though, was that nobody had heard of it before and it was so freaking painful….. Agh! thinking about it makes me sick!


The last picture was after some medications – I had already started to feel better!

Anyways, let change the subject.
Since that time I’ve met many people, but I’ve also lost contact with a few. Oh well, you know what? That’s Life and that’s the way it’s always going to be. We should just accept it and keep looking forward. Right?

I finally turned 18 last week!!! Which is one more reason, why I need to move on and leave my past behind. ”Think less – Play”  more is my new motto now.
Here are some pictures (with George!):

00:00 right in the moment I turned 18! I was so excited because literally, I’ve wanted it for so long that my head started playing games and I thought I was going to die.
As you can imagine there was a lot of counting.
”One more hour Nina and you are still alive!!!!”

Haha. Crazy night! But the night after was way worse hahaha.
We celebrated my birthday party at my house and it escalated!
People kissed with people, people fought with people, some of them cried, twerked…. I did almost all of them mentioned above  – I was waaaasted.


I didn’t mean to drink so much but we were playing truth or dare and never have I ever – I mean the reason, why I ended up drunk sleeping on the couch is obvious!!

Excuse me for the great quality of the pictures.
I didn’t take most of them cause I was always dancing around with a bottle and a glass in my hand!

Now lastly! I would like to share with you ”My journey of finding my sexuality!”.
This is going to be one of the upcoming subjects, that I’m planning to write about. I’m going to start with a introduction, about how my story began, everything that happened until this very moment and after that I’m going to share with you my experiences while trying to overcome my problem. 
Stay tuned!!!


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