Love as bright as the sun

You know they say that when you meet your first love, you’ll know.
You’ll feel it, there will be some kind of a chaos inside of you that wont go away so easy…
Even if you try, this feeling is only going to go away for a couple of days or even months and once you see him again…. it returns just like the image of his face and all the moments you’ve had together keeps messing up with your head, making you lose your mentality.
One word, some bad news or a simple stroke of his on your body will hurt you over and over again like a knife thats sliding deeper and deeper inside your body.
Meeting you want the start of my ending, losing you helped me find myself, being around you is my only addiction. You’re all I am thinking of and it’s been so long since then, when is this going to change? When am I actually going to move on and stop replaying the conversations we’ve had? When am I going to stop dreaming about you? And when are we going to admit that all we had was real, when are we going to look deep into eachothers eyes and hold each other close? I believe this is the only way I am ever going to get the broken pieces of my heart back together. Thats when I’ll let myself fall again. Thats when I’ll look up in the sun and think of you, boy.

The story that still can’t find an end in our realities. The person that stole my faith in love. My weakness. The love I’m thinking about when listening to music. My first love.


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