”By The River In Love”

Could someone bring me back to life,
could someone tell me it’s all real,
could someone prove it’s not a lie,
could someone bring me close to him?

All this time I’ve been dreaming of the moment, that our story will turn into a fairy tale.
Just like it started. ”By the river in love”.
Looking at all we’ve been through,  I realised that everyday a new page is written, and now a new chapter begins.

You are the prince and I am the princess, the main characters of this story. Though never had the upper hand- as if we are cursed to feel to much all at the same heart beat.

We fell in love,
we tried to runaway in order to be free,
we had to fight the demons that kept us apart
and here we are again. Looking at each others eyes, unable to say anything at all.
Fear of loosing each other again, fear of getting hurt for the second time.

I may sound like an egoist and believe me, I thought I became one. I spent my days since they teared us apart, being with people that didn’t mean anything to me other than ”fun”.

Everyone told me, ”Nina fall in love, you are so cold, what’s wrong?” and all I did was blaming you for this result.

Do you know, you are the only one, that managed to turn my feelings back on?

Should we just try once again, even if there’s the chance of getting burned by loVe itself?

Is this reality or is it all just in my head?


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