Slacklining, joggling and more.

If you’ve been a part of my community since a long time now, you’ve probably read my post about slacklining. If not make sure to click the link right here to check it out.

14628215_1772967592943265_879596779_nYesterday, after such a long time, I met with the person that first shown me how to slackline. I have to admit, shortly before meeting him I started having second thoughts like ”should I really go, I don’t know him that good, I don’t know anyone, they’ll make fun of me…” probably you can relate in some way. Well, I’ve spent most of my life giving up at the last moment because of these thoughts. I first started using the train alone recently, because I didn’t feel secure before… Literally, I had no idea that doing things alone is so cool and liberating!

Anyways, I may write a post about overcoming my fear one day.But this post is going to be about Slacklining and some other things I tried.
So this guy I met one day in Stuttgart, Dominik invited me to an event in a  winter hall, where lots of people would come and practice things such as slacklining, trampoline, joggling etc. As you can imagine I accepted his invitation and went with him there.
It was such a great experience, I tried so many different things and the people were so friendly and open.. they didn’t mind if you were a total beginner, they would instead show you how to do things over and over again. I found this place pretty comfort14741768_1773056469601044_148245372_n.jpging since the first moment I stepped my foot there. Most of people welcomed me with a hug, asked my name or where I come from so that they could pick me up one day if there aren’t any buses etc. Which usually can’t be found in groups such as schools, because people are being taught how to be competitive. They want us to fight in order to be better than the rest, but this doesn’t help us build a strong relationship with people around us and when we are in need, no one will help. I mean this makes sense right? That’s what they want… They want us to be alone and easy to control.

The starters of this group are two people, that seem very healthy and young for their age. They really inspired me, because of their need for life and excitement about meeting new people. You feel comfortable talking with them – even if you don’t know them. And then again they’re not like most old couples that spend their days in front of the TV, arguing about which show they should watch next.

I thought to myself that this is how I want to be. I want to be a part of this beautiful community. I want to meet more of these people, that have nothing in common but their open minds… I realised I am pretty glad I let go of my past, because there really is a brighter future in front of me. Every step I take, is another step closer to finding who I really am.

Now my advice to you is: Try out new things, as often as you can. Try to overcome the fear rooted in your head- most of the times it’s there just to stop you from moving forward. You just have to push yourself more and more to find freedom.

Thank you for being here, until next weekend! xx


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