Red Cross First Aid Training

Like most of you that have already read my posts, might know that I like trying out new
things every now and then… Maybe it’s because I am a Sagittarius – who knows?
This week I had a first aid course by the German red cross.

To be honest, I never thought I would ever do anything like that – but I had to due to my driving license…. Well most of my friends that had already done it told me about how boring it is and I really did expect it to be, until yesterday that I actually visited the red cross. 5874bbf8d9ecf31dec0b646838efc278.jpg
I strongly believe that such educational courses should be a part of our school experience. Literally I’ve spent so many years sitting behind a desk listening to some guys talking about WW2 or politics, but none of them told me  (well maybe they don’t even know) how to stop me from bleeding in case something happens!!

I learned so many new and useful things … I expected the practical part of the training to be awkward, but it really wasn’t! (Just kissing the doll was, lol) We all had a great understanding and could more or less work together in any situation to help the chosen victim. Hopefully I’m never going to pack somebody’s finger or hand in a bag full of ice, to keep it ”fresh” until the doctor puts it back – but at least I know what to do it now. That’s the point of survival right?

Anyways, long story (9 hours long) short, I asked the trainer if I could volunteer at some point and he requested I should join them whenever I have the time. How cool is that?
Personally I think I’m the only one excited about things like that (I mean especially talking about the people that were in the same training room). Sadly I couldn’t take pictures because I really wanted to focus and this would totally distract me – plus I wasn’t sure if  I was even allowed to…. well next time ahha

Great experience! You should totally give it a try if you haven’t already… Talk to you next weekend 🙂 Take care


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