My Water Only Hair Washing Routine

Hello, Hello!
1st of October today, I hope it’s going to be fun for everyone of us that’s why I am going to start it with a new story! 😀
In this post I’d like to share with you my experience since I stopped  using shampoo (and any other hair product…).

Some of you may think to yourselves ”wtf? Why would she ever stop using shampoo? That’s gross!” and to be honest that would be me a few years back, before I started actually taking care of myself.

First I’ll talk about my hair care routine before and after I stopped usingDSC_0820.JPG shampoo:

  • 2 years ago and many, many years before that I used to wash my hair EVERY-
    SINGLE-DAY! Obviously that was disastrous for my hair and scalp (My hair was falling down a lot, it was straight, thin and didn’t grow as fast as it should have).
  • The years after I have been trying really hard to only wash them every second day, or third day and gradually I only washed them every Friday! That was a big shock for my family and friends indeed! But they supported IMG_4026.JPGme, because they had no other choice! (My hair kept falling down a lot, but it started getting thicker and curlier).
  • My next step was to replace shampoos with soap bars! I had a great one from Greece with olive oil, no chemicals, paraben free etc. (My hair needed some time to get used to it, so it started getting greasier but I didn’t give up and totally saw some results – My hair wasn’t falling off that much anymore!)
  • Last step something that I had been planning but never really thought I would do, because YES, IT IS CRAZY and people will judge you and look at you as if you are a dirty hippy, was to stop using shampoo!!




Now lets talk about the washing routine:

How it started: I said to my self ”this summer I’m going to Greece for a month, it’s gonna be vsvx2546warm and the sea water will destroy my hair…. I should just wash it with water and detox – it’s gonna be healthier” That was actually the reason I stopped using it in the first place…
I was in London for the week and on Friday (I always wash my hair on Fridays), I decided It would be the last time in August that I’d use soap.  So I googled about how-to’s and tips on how to start… and they said you should first let your hair get greasy af and then wash rinse them with water…. It does get better with time believe me, the first week was awful! (Or should I better say the first month?)

The actual routine! 

  1. I massage my scalp every now and then before the washes, and I brush my hair with a natural wooden brush (so that the oils can make their way towards the ends of my hair). Some people like to use a Boar-bristle brush but you know I am not a big fun of brushing my hair because they are curly but I think this helps a lot to remove the hairs from my scalp. You may notice some brown or white things on your brush after brushing your hair and that’s totally normal – it’s the dust and dirt around you that gets stuck in your hair! You should just wash your brush with warm/hot water to remove them.
  2. I braid my hair and add some oils at the ends of my hair to moisturize them.img_8984 This step is totally optional but that’s what I do in between the washes. And I find it helps a lot because during the transitioning phase your hair tends to get a little dry and fragile.
  3. I wash my hair with warm water. Not too warm because it can damage your hair or dry your scalp out. Just warm enough to make the access oils and dirt disappear.
  4. I start scrubbing my scalp with the tips of my fingers (not nails!) and make sure that the water is directly on the area where I’m trying get everything shiny and fabulous. If you have long or thick hair, you should definitely part it in sections while washing to easily access all areas.
  5. Believe me in the start your hair wont feel clean at all (especially if you are used in shampoo) but it’s worth to give it a try! If you think it is disgusting and oily you should experiment with the scrubbing and water temperature to find what suits best your hair type. As long as you do this routine you will need less and less time to remove dirt because your hair will know ”its job”. Fact: Our hair like many other parts of our body (talking about women parts) are capable of cleaning themselves, a bit of water is all they need but after adding all these harmful products we basically tell them to relax and we let the rest take care of it – that’s why you’ll notice your hair will get less oilier as it starts living without the help of shampoo!
  6. Cold rinse!! I like to do this after washing my hair cause it makes the hair shinier and it helps your hair cuticles lay flat (after the warm water lifted them up).
  7. Now you can use a T-shirt to remove access water, let them air dry or style them like you usually do. That was it! Easy, right?

Some pictures I took on 28.09.2016 – the last time I washed my hair before I took these pictures was on Friday 23.09.2016.
I think you can clearly see how healthy they are and the amount of oil after so many days isn’t even noticeable and if it is it’s so minimal that no one would think it’s been already so long without washing it….


It’s been less than 2 months since I started this and I’ve already seen great results! I also start going back to my schedule (washing them every Friday), because they finally start producing less oil now than they did in the start.
I don’t think I will ever start using shampoos again I’ll list the reasons down below. I am really surprised and happy with what I’ve achieved. I recommend it, my boyfriend George has as well stopped using shampoo since I told him about it – maybe he’d like to share with you his experience and thoughts about this experiment!

The reasons why I wont use shampoo again:

  1. It’s better for the scalp and hair: Shampoos tend to strip all of the essential oils off IMG_8985.JPGyour hair, making your hair over-produce oils in order to keep everything healthy, which then again leads to more washes… It’s a bad cycle believe me.
  2. Less chemicals: Humans are so crazy about smoking and how bad it is for somebody, but did you ever realise that anything you put on your body has the same effect on you as cigarettes or fast food? Chemicals are absorbed into your skin. And you don’t even know what they are and why they are in your shampoo…. You can’t even pronounce them, how can that be healthy???
  3. You save up money!! : yes, yes! the only thing you need is water so… If you are a person with many plans – like me – you should totally give this a try!
  4. Less waste! : We are literally drowning into our own waste! Plastic bottles and packaging are everywhere around us… in the sea, at the beach, in our neighborhoods…. they literally rot in landfills for thousands of years and this only because there’s tones of it that can’t be recycled or wont be because people don’t even know what recycling is… at least eliminate the waste in your household if you aren’t going to recycle *face palm*
  5. My hair has never been softer, healthier, prettier and easy to style!!! I’m literally living the dream people!


I hope you enjoyed reading this, please make sure to share your experience with me in the comment down bellow, if you have any questions feel free to ask – I’ll be happy to answer if I can, because I am not a n expert ❤



6 thoughts on “My Water Only Hair Washing Routine

  1. I am no expert in hairs … lol I usually use machine to cut them every two week…but I think your hair looks amazing in pictures.. One more thing why your smile looks so innocent , I meant it seems like coming from the heart directly..:)

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  2. This is so inspiring! I’ve sworn off chemicals on every part of my body except for my hair, it seems so intimidating. But I have the same type of hair that is curly and I barely brush it. Thank you for writing this! This has definitely helped me to realize what I need to do!

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