My Summer Holidays: Part 2 Greece!!!

Next stop:  Greece!
My home country… A beautiful place that once used to make me want to run as far away as possible from it and that  with time it earned a place in my heart because of its people and warmth….

The person sitting next to me for 3 and half hours took this picture cause I was struggling to reach the window – Thanks Panagioti!
Thessaloniki by night ❤
Me and my little step-sister sitting in the car after they picked me up from the airport
I met my little brother for the first time!! woohooo
My grandma 😀

The day after I visited the place I used to live at the age of 14 and met my old best friend which I didn’t meet since 2 years or even more!!

Next I went to Nikiti in Chalkidiki!! I spend at least 1 week of my summer holidays there since 4 years – I have a good company I guess!

Nikiti ”Gang” ❤
Me and my cousin Peppie
Nikiti Aura Beach
FOOOD’S COMING!! (With little George)
just chilling
The three of us, Lazar was angry ”crying” in the corner lol
The four of us!


First time eating Oysters – Yes I cheated on my vegetarian diet but it was a special day when everyone eats fish – 15.08


Lolaaa ❤
Lolaaa again ❤
Tonis Sfinos ❤


Oh well that was a crazy night, we went to the concert of Toni Sfino and after that we were invited to a bar and ended up sitting by the beach with one of the waiter talking about life and how easy is also complicated… well I don’t even know what he meant to be honest, had a few drinks before that anyways. We returned home at 7.30 and didn’t sleep cause at 9.00 we would drive back to Thessaloniki!

Back to Thessaloniki!!

On that day I met with Margaret (My old and first lesbian crush….) and with Ape a very good friend of mine since 3 years!!!  Peppie was half dead in bed lol.

At some point I decided to meet with Gorge K. after 2 years (He used to be in my class before I move to Germany) and that’s when my holidays got a bit of a fancier shade….
We met for some beers at a park and I asked him: ”would you like to come with me to my grandmothers summerhouse?” and he obviously said yes, I mean who would say no to this offer?  Well before we go there we were already making out – A lot! Everywhere! and we kept saying to each other that we are not in a relationship or anything like that – just having fun!

George’s Pub – Our favourite Bar in Sarti
George’s Pub
Klimataria akti ❤
Me and George by the beach
Crystal clear waters – I could literally see my feet and the little fish through the water!
on our way back ❤


Waiting for our bus to come to Metamorfosi, where we identified as ”a couple, but not a couple”. An old woman actually thought we were getting married soon and she gave a jar of honey from her bees to my grandma for ”good luck”. So many funny memories!

Me, George and my nephew that I named ”Achileas” we actually don’t know what his name is going to be
Me and my brother

This day was fucking emotional! We gathered all together and actually didn’t argue – which was a miracle haha

Me, my dad, his girlfriend Seri, my brother and my grandma
Me, my dad and my brother ❤
Me, my dad, my brother, my grandmother and George ❤


Me: Dad, I’ve missed you!
Dad: Me too sweety…
Me: Dad, I’m going to cry!

AND I guess you can see what happened next in the picture haha we kept crying for like 30 more minutes he said a few wise words and we got over it!
This summer was the time for forgiveness…. I started talking to my grandmother and dad, his girlfriend and who else? I think that’s all ahha the few people I didn’t really talk to or didn’t really wanted to talk to…. But I guess I was a bit wrong cause my anger made me do this and I ended up being more and more angry when I could just spend some time with them and get rid of the past cause you know, we all make mistakes… The point is we should all find the strength to move forward and get rid of the people we don’t need in our lives – when these ones are important and they better stay in mine… I’m gonna make a post about that actually cause I have a lot to talk about, I’ve learned quite a few things that I would like to share haha!

Me, George, Nikoleta and Stratis ❤

Me and George were a couple with an expiration date so we were as well hanging out with couples! Fucking cute admit it haha

George was lucky enough to meet my people from Nikiti (George and Lazar – He already knew Peppie)
Me, George, Ape and Peppie drinking beers ❤
Me and George Kissing muahahaha We were talking about couples uploading pictures of each other kissing online and we both find it pointless and annoying – WHICH MEANS I HAD TO UPLOAD IT FOR THE LAUGHS LOL
Me and George on our last night together we ate a huge pancake tower we could barely breathe afterwards hahahha

as you can see I had a great time, sorry for the quality of the pictures – they weren’t taken from my phone because I didn’t carry it with me most of the time….

For you out there wondering about me and George and what happened between us, don’t worry… We are still together – but not! We have an online relationship, which sounds weird and he’s paying a visit in two months!!! ❤

Hope you all have a great day so far, talk to you soon!!


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