31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE – When was the last time you did something for the first time?

I graduated for the first time on the 16th of July, I have a post about it on my blog so it isn’t anything new to talk about, you could just go and check it out 🙂

I’ll talk about something I did on the 9th of July which was Slack line!
I met with a guy and my best friend Lari and we visited a University Park where I’d never been before! There was a guy that was trying to balance on a rope and the first thing I thought was ”I WANT TO TRY THIS OUT” so I asked him if he could show me how to do it while holding my hand cause obviously I had no idea, I was a total beginner…
When you see people doing it you think  ”well it’s not thaaat hard” but when you step your first foot on this thing and it starts trembling you realise how hard it actually is to balance your whole weight on something… it all depends on your body and mind cause you have to be concentrated to do that…
This guy, Dominik told me that it’s like meditating – you really have to focus on something in order to keep balance. He said he liked that I was trying harder and harder as 13933253_1743190142587677_767356948_n.jpgtime was passing by and that I didn’t let myself fall when  it was obvious that I was going to, sooner or later! In about 3-4 hours time I managed to walk on my one. But on Boris’ Rope cause it was a bit wider and shorter… unlike Dominik’s that was meters long and thing af….

Boris said ” okay now it starts for you, one day you’ll buy your own” And I am afraid I might! even though it is exhausting, it calmed me down and made me feel free… Its such a great hobby I just don’t think I could ever do it somewhere in public while being alone… Plus in some places it’s illegal, the question is in which places? haha!

Such a great experience!!!


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