31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE – Last time I cried.

The last time I cried – A LOT, was some days before my trip to London.
I had a huge argument with my mother about every day problems – the usual stuff. It just kind of got worse and worse with time and we couldn’t do anything else but scream louder at each other and say harsh things that we really don’t mean…559262180de783526fa781a408f9fade.jpg

I suppose moments like this one exist in between two people because they want to be heard but they feel ignored – my situation and probably my mother’s opinion is this as well… And we all need to take everything out! Our emotions, or fears, or thoughts…

When I was around 7 years old or even younger a friend of my mother told me that every person has feelings… but if he doesn’t let it out a small ball of thread starts getting bigger inside of him. Every emotion that we keep inside of us adds a bit more to this thread – that’s why we sometimes have the feeling we can’t breath and that’s the reason we sometimes burst into tears without a real reason…. THERE IS A REASON! It’s been only hidden for days, months or even years…  It’s been hidden for so long that we may not even think of it in this very moment… we wont be able to explain the reason we feel the way we feel every time we cry out of nowhere… but there is a reason!


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