31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE – If you should wear a label what would it say?

Is this a question for real?

My label should say ”FREE SPIRIT”, it would describe me better than anything else I could think of and it would be a great advertisement to my blog 🙂

If I could choose the exact way I want it to look like, I’d write it with my own handwriting, with a crazy colour and a really bold background. I could as well draw it but I’m too lazy to right now, plus I don’t have any supplies cause I’m in Greece 🙂
Maybe one day I could really advertise my blog this way, who knows?

a118b3c5c1f34dbd15df7c74b94cf477To be honest though I am not a big fan of labeling others or even yourself… because believe it or not most of the labels are insulting. This only leads to negativity and bullying or arguments. Who am I to call you fat, gay, slut or any of these? Am I any better? What would be the name I deserve?

When I was younger I’ve always been called names as in for example ”Freak”. Did I really deserve this label?
Me and my old best friends were called  ”Lesbians” which in that time made no sense but with time they seem to be right about all they said haha  (We both like girls but never said anything to each other – we don’t talk since then)
I also was ” the girl that doesn’t speak the language” and many many other things… Well were they really necessary?

If we could all choose a label for ourselves would they be so harmful without knowing what others say about us?


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