31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE – A difficult time in my life…

The past 5-6 months…
In the start it was all o.k., I was studying for my exams, I had just broken up with my boyfriend and my best friend.. My dad had a new baby and he literally had forgotten about me, no money no honey etc…
But I was fine, that was the weird thing.

13874952_1743171955922829_1188448651_n.jpgOne day I woke up and I knew everything was over. Well the exams haha the rest was still there in my head. I didn’t care about the boyfriend cause we are still friends anyways but I cared about our mutual friends that I didn’t see anymore after the break up. And of course my best friend was my wife – it was crazy that she wasn’t anymore…
But for some reason my mood was really bad. I didn’t want to go out, I didn’t want to eat or chat or even shower… It was pretty bad! Like I’ve mentioned in the introduction of this challenge, a social worker in my old school said that after all of these changes, my body and mind had no time to rest. As a result it couldn’t move on.  I just needed a great break from life, you know?  (That was me 24/7)

I ended up having only 2-3 people in my life that would actually talk to me on a daily basis haha most of my ”friends” were my teachers and my mum’s friends – so embarrassing! But this whole thing is now over… This September I’ll make a new start! New school, new friends, new life!


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