31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE – What annoys me the most

I am pretty short tempered to be honest, which isn’t one of my favourite personality traits that’s why i didn’t mention it in my post 3 personality traits I am proud of .
But if I have to mention some of the ”NO WAY” actions that I really can’t tolerate then it would be these ones:

  • db11da886c86e7a8c65d3999bab21fdaIf someone isn’t listening to me / doesn’t pay attention and he asks more than 5 times ”what did you say?” Well no my friend… I’ll say it once, I’ll explain it twice but only if you really didn’t hear or didn’t understand, if you’re sitting right next to me but you’re too busy to focus because you’re on facebook then #%#$@$ it ain’t my fault if I start screaming to you or stop talking for the rest of the day…
  • When someone overlooks my achievements or what I did right anyways and they say Bravo to somebody that didn’t really do anything…
    For example: One day me, my mum and a friend of hers decided to go shopping… But this particular shop that we wanted to shop from wasn’t with the rest of them so I looked it up and with the help of my phone we went in another city 20 minutes away… My mother missed a few turns and we ended up being in the middle of nowhere, both of them started saying how I can’t do anything right and that my phone is stupid… and her friend found with her GPS the shop that was like 2 minutes away from the place my GPS took them… ”Bravo, bravo” said my mother… Yes, great I did nothing – I only brought you in this fucking place that none of you ever even heard of before!
  • When ”I’m ALWAYS wrong!” No matter what I do… I’m wrong! I do the dishes but fail to put place them in the right order? I’m wrong… I try to help, whatever I say just doesn’t make sense… I say I’m bisexual – I’m just in a phase…  I finish school – what am I doing the whole day? Nothing (I’m studying ffs), Someone loses something – I have something to do with it.
    Like what the hell people???  Can’t you all just let me be?
  • When someone doesn’t care about my needs – especially speaking about sex…
    Or for example when there’s a crisis ( e.g. with my father) everyone talks about it, about how bad the situation is, that he’s dumb etc. and I’m just sitting there listening to their opinions but nobody ever asked ”how do you feel Nina?” Like I don’t even want to reply just pretend you care…
  • Bad drivers!!!!!!!! One day I even screamed to a guy ”let me walk!!!” even though my destination was like 30-40 minutes away – obviously I never saw this guy again in my life… Phew! But I wrote a post about it, at least he inspired me haha
    The post: Respect yourself.
  • BODY ODOR!!! I’m a dirty hippie too, I don’t care about greasy hair but please go shower or don’t even walk into my house….
  • 13817089_1738476086392416_1478953874_n.jpgPeople openly laughing about homosexuals in a group of people... For exampple my mother’s friends…. I don’t want to scare you but 1) your son could be secretly gay and your words hurt him deep inside that’s why he can’t say anything to you about his lover 2) I’m bisexual, my friends are gay too my mother had no idea about it cause she is just like you – shut your mouths or I’ll open mine and that wont be funny 🙂

    (yes! my mother doesn’t like talking about it and she wouldn’t like it if her friends knew the BIG SECRET – even though I think most of them have seen pictures of me kissing girls on instagram OOPS! sorry – not sorry )

  • Long posts! I am not going to write anything else haha

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