31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE – What would you ask for, if you knew the answer was ”yes” ?

849cf269caa75260a4865de380cc8fa9.jpgWhat would I ask for, what would I ask for…? That’s a good question.
Let me brainstorm for a little bit, because I can’t come up with an answer so fast. You know I see this type of questions so seriously, one day I’ll look back and think to myself ”seriously Nina? That’s how you’d waste this wish?”

Okay, I am not sure if I’m supposed to ask for an item or for a general question e.g. ”Do magic/mythical/supernatural creatures exist?”
But now that I asked that, I’ll ask for something material as well haha.

I guess I would ask  ” Could you please give me as much money as I want for the rest of my life – everytime I ask for it?”
Which means that in this very moment, after the ”yes” of course I’d be able to get my driver’s licence, get an amazing VW van, decorate it and organise my trips around the world!

I’d obviously be working at the same time, cause money is just money and gaining experience is the key…  Plus I’m great at saving up and you never know if one day this guy would stop funding me – I really don’t want to risk this, I have a lot of plans for my future.

After traveling, I’d apply for a university and pay for my fees, After graduating I’d build this great house that I’ve talked about in the post ”where do I want to be in 10 years” and I’d ask for like billions or trillions of $$$$$ (I don’t know if it’s going to be euros, pounds or dollars, I’m not sure about my future address anyways) for my children because they probably won’t have a genie to give them money…

And yes I think you kind of get the picture haha. It’d just make everyone’s life easier and It’d make most of my dreams come true… Even though deep inside I hate money and I really don’t want to be one of its slaves… That’s how things work, love them or hate them you need money to survive…

The question is, what would YOU ask for if you knew the answer was ”YES”?????



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