31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE – Where do I want to be in 10 years?

In 10 years time, I am going to be 27 years old. Pretty scary.
I remember when I turned 15 a friend of mine told me ”in only 15 years you are going to be 30” – I still haven’t processed the fact I am turning 18 in December. There will be no excuses acceptable, I will have to be fully independent, responsible and get a damn job.

fe00fee80f60bd0f2c67f5233ee45bf3.jpgSo in 10 years I’d like to be sitting on a beach somewhere  in this world, where there is no or low criminal rate. Somewhere that is green and tech-free…. Somewhere that I’d love to see my children playing happily in the sun without being afraid that we might die without a real reason.

I’d like to be a great mother of 3-5 children, live as organic and eco-friendly as possible and have my own big house full with drawings and sculptures that my children made.  I want my house to have enough rooms for me and each child, a little apartment somewhere in the garden for my  mother, a guest room and a special place full with flowers (something like a greenhouse) for the ones that feel the urge to be alone. There they could do anything possible, draw, write, sing, sleep….

I want to be able to cook delicious dishes. I want to have a huge garden with vegetables, fruits, flowers and a table where all of our guests could fit. And I want everyone to laugh and talk as if we are one big, big family! I’d like to have traveled the world already. And I’m probably going to be waiting for my living miracles to grow up a little more, so that we could repeat the whole adventure as a family…..

Thinking about all this really makes me feel as if I am walking on the right path in this very moment. I might actually achieve this one day. Maybe not the glorious house but at least some caravans placed next to each other so that me, my family and my friends could make these happy dinners possible.

In 10 years, I want to be happy, free and surrounded by great friends. Please?



4 thoughts on “31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE – Where do I want to be in 10 years?

  1. The quest for happiness starts sooner than you think. I’ll be 32 in a week and I can’t believe how fast time goes. I know you can surely accomplish any goal you want. Don’t give up. You can make any dream come true 😊

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