31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE – My worst habits!

157b192bd0df80af3b9289e8c944dc05I used to have a bunch of bad habits but with time I managed to changed that.

  •  I am 100% clean since October
  • I only smoke 1-2 cigarettes a day – this is a great progress!
  • I don’t have one night stands or friends with benefits
  • I don’t drink like I used to (a lot, every weekend) I drink a little bit, sometimes. Well that’s going to change when I’ll be in Greece! I’m sorry, holidays mean ”a break of who you are every other single day in your life”
  • I do gossip! That’s kind of embarrassing… like usually I am not the person that says things about others but I die to know about what’s going on in their lives… I would love to stop that but I can’t! I simply love it, let’s pretend I am a detective or something haha!
  • When I am single, I don’t change my bed sheets very often because I am too lazy and the only one sleeping on my bed so, why should I care?
  • I burn things when I am bored. Obviously nothing important, just tiny bits of plastic or paper. It’s a bad habit because I’ve ended up burning my nail one day and there was a bubble under it – really disgusting!
  • I forget to reply! Sorry if you’re one of them still waiting for an answer!!!!!
  • I can be so lazy, but so lazy that even the mattress of my bed starts to form my body shape…. Joke haha this doesn’t really happen but you know what I mean, I could skip meals if there’s nobody to cook for me!
  • I have way toooo many stuff and a clothes addiction or how else should I call the fact that every time I see clothes I want to have them! Like I’ve tried to become a minimalist and I’ve seriously thrown things away but it’s like nothing ever changed…
  • I am short tempered. Can’t help it.

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