31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE – Favourite childhood book.

three_little_pigsWithout giving it a lot of thought, my favourite childhood book – the one and only is – The
three little pigs! Old time classic, it had and probably still has a special place in every house library..

According to my grandmother and to what I can remember since I was tiny, I made her read this book to me E V E R Y single night! I guess I was really fascinated from the way it ends… Or I found way to funny listening to my grandmother saying  ”Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin” haha.

I was way too young back then, I couldn’t read but I managed to learn it all by heart after listening to it since years… One day my father came to visit me and my grandmother (I used to spend most of my time with her on the weekends or holidays…) and we tricked him. He didn’t know much about me being a baby – as he spent his days working or going out late, so he believed everything we told him…
My grandmother: Thanasi, you wont believe what happened just a bit earlier!!!
My dad: What’s wrong what happened?
My grandmother: I went back to the living room and I found little Nina reading this book all by herself!!
My dad: No way… really? That’s my clever girl!
Me: Dad, should I read it to you?
And that’s when I started being a little tricky AAA****!

The underlying message of the book is clear: those who work the hardest and take the time to complete the job right will ultimately reap the most benefit.

Makes sense!


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