31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE – What did I do today?

For some reason today’s post is perfect for what actually happened today, sorry for posting it later than usual – I didn’t have the time nor good internet connction…. And that’s because… I’m in LONDON!! Yayyy!!! 

This has been one of my biggest dreams since 5-6 years and if finally came true! I still can’t believe it and I don’t think I’m going to realise it only after I leave! 

So today morning I woke up pretty early to meet my girl Lari… It was the last time until September that we could actually meet and drink coffee together, so it was worth it! 

After that I went home, I checked if everything was fine, if I had everything etc. And made my way to the airport… For the first time in my life the was no problem when they were controlled me (meaning metals, liquids or anything like that of course) and this calmed me down a lot because I was traveling alone! 

At some point, after all the times I shown my ID card, I found the gate and I literally wasted 40 minutes of my life there doing nothing at all! I didn’t want to take anything out of my bag, cause I was afraid I wouldn’t manage to put it back in fast enough in case I’d have to leave – I’m weird sometimes, don’t judge haha

Anyways the flight was good enough… There were times where it felt a bit unstable but I didn’t care haha funny thing is I feel safer up in the air than down with the rest of the world!

At the borders a policeman or something made a joke about my ID picture claiming that it’s fake haha he was pretty friendly to be honest! And at the arrivals my uncle was waiting for me so there was nothing else to worry about anymore – as long as I came to the right place! 

We drove to his neighborhood after spending ages explaining to the taxi driver where he should pick us up from… And I have to admit, I ATE THE BEST CHINESE FOOD EVER TODAY! Like wow… Thinking about it makes me hungry haha

That was it actually we basically spent the rest of the night planning the rest of the week so that we know where we want to go etc. and now I’m heading to sleep cause I am really, really tired! I think yo can see that in this picture haha

Have a great day or night it depends on your timezone, for now you can enjoy the view outside my window! 

You’ll see more of London soon! 🙂


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