Is there such thing as a dream job?
046cebc1cfd34ea19045c70ea237bb82Of course I would like to be a mermaid and make waves… (In addition to that, when I was like around 7 years old, I’d been forcing myself to learn how to swim with my legs closed – in case I’d ever be a mermaid… This makes a bit of sense if you think about it, at least I wanted to prepare myself for something that was actually never going to happen!)
To be honest I don’t think there will ever be a well payed job, good enough for me…

I could see myself playing in movies, singing in bars or on the streets or being a random artist that works and travels all around the world…. but these are not jobs that would help me and my family live happily ever after with a roof above our heads.
I could still do all of the above of course, but then I’d call them hobbies.

There’s never going to be a perfect work for me because I am easily bored. I can’t stay in one place for longer than 2 years or I start feeling trapped and desperate (another fact about myself!) It would literally kill me if I’d have to be in an office for the rest of my working years or if I had to do something that I’d usually never do…

In like 2 years time, I am planning to study journalism though.
Because writing is a big part of who I am and I can’t imagine my life without it… I mean what would I be doing right now, in this very moment if I didn’t have this blog?!?!

OH, I forgot to mention that! I recently started working together with the blog ”My Trending Stories” I’ll link you to my bio so that you can check out my posts.
In the future I am also planning to write a book or two or three or four… It depends on my patience and inspiration haha!

If you have any ideas of jobs that maybe I would be interested in doing, please let me know! I am one of those people that ask other cool people about their jobs, to get inspired so don’t hesitate!!



3 thoughts on “31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE – Dream Job

  1. The best job is the one where it don’t feel like you’re at a job, because it’s one you love and enjoy doing. Whatever your bliss is and what interest you the most, go for it. You’ll be successful, yet happy. 💜

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