31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE – what is in my handbag?

What’s in my handbag?
Well there are a few days that you really don’t want to look inside my bag… but the items I always carry regardless of where it is I am going or with who are the following:


  • A jeans jackets in case it’s getting cold
  • My scarf, yes! The scarf you see in almost every picture haha.
  • My sunglasses

(That’s the moment you realise that the weather in Germany is unpredictable!!!!)

  • My keys, I mean how else would I come back in my cave?
  • Some chewing gum to fight bad breath if I am around people (hehe)
  • My cigarettes – I’ve been trying to quit, I’m doing a great job so far but I know I can’t stop smoking until I am back from Greece for the obvious reason – I WILL ALWAYS BE AROUND SMOKERS!!!
  • A bottle of water (it’s not in the picture I know, I totally forgot it)
  • My wallet that contains everything important : ID, money, train tickets etc.
  • And my cellphone which I was taking the picture with!

If you also want to see my bag well here you go: 13664710_1740755666164458_926446820_n.jpg

A simple cloth bag with this cute happy cup of coffee – perfect for a coffee lover like me!


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