31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE – Most proud moment

Hello world, let’s talk about pride…

It is a feeling of satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements that are widely admired. In the other side though there’s the phrase  ”be proud of who you are” and ”gay pride” etc.that’s where the meaning changes a tiny little bit. You are no longer proud of what you’ve done, you are proud of being yourself. You are celebrating the fact you exist, cause you are a miracle!

13819337_1738913029682055_373628606_n.jpgThe moment though I felt really proud of myself was when my teachers announced at my graduation that I recieved a commendation! Well I was proud that I had actually graduated but this made the whole moment sparkle a bit more!

Coming in a complete foreign country, straight in a German school without even being able to speak the language was challenging. I had the ”imigrant bonus” as they call it, but even if I wanted to try and be better I couldn’t…. Only until I really pushed myself and tried to understand, tried to speak… In less than 2 years in Germany I learned the language and managed to graduate with good grades!

If this post wasn’t about pride I would probably never mention this… But I’m soooo proud of myself! My hard work has paid off! I’ve managed to move forward and according to somethings I recently came to hear, it makes people hate me. They don’t want to see me, talk to me or hear about me! That’s fine though, not every person can accept the fact that we get what we deserve, meaning that the one that sweats get more done than the one that looks at him…

The more I talk about it, the more big headed I will sound haha so I’d better stop here!
Peace out Free spirits 🙂


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