31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE – Piercings and tattoos !

Aloha babes!
Nice to see you again πŸ˜€

Today’s post is about piercings and tattoos that I have or that I’m planning to get done.
I suppose most of us have ear piercings, especially women cause it’s considered ”sexy” or must-have. At least that’s the reason I got my first two ear piercings at the age of 5.
The other 3 ear piercings and the 2 nose piercings I got done a few years later were clearly my decision and to be honest I wasn’t even allowed to.

The second piercing I got after the two I got forced into doing (left ear), has a special meaning. At this time I was bullied in elementary school for being short. I literally had no friends at all, until I met Maria that remaind a good friend of mine until middleschool.13819542_1738613813045310_537643396_n

The third one (the one in the middle of the right ear), was at that time I was bullied in middleschool. It was around that time I was in the emo/punk phase… I used to live in a small village where everyone thought I was a freak. They were calling me names such as ”lesbian”, ”freak”, ”Boy” etc.
Well I never really cared about that, it just made me want to provoke even more than I already did. A few years later I came out of the closet anyways.



Sooo, since years now I want to get ”free” tattood on my left foot, as I’ve mentioned on my post ”meaning of free spirit”.
But I recently decided I want it on my arm,

  1. so that I can see it better,
  2. because everyone says it hurts a lot
  3. I could get it done in summer, without worrying about the sand stuck on my feet etc.

And one day, I say ”one day” I am going to get my kids’ names tattooed on my right inner arm. You know in case I won’t be able to remember anymore….

Hope you liked reading it, let me know what you think about tattoos πŸ™‚



3 thoughts on “31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE – Piercings and tattoos !

  1. Tattoos are awesome. They not only mark a point in life for you, but they show you have a story. A story you’re not afraid to share. A part of you that you want the world to see. I have 3 tats and want more. I also have the ear piercings that I hardly use anymore and if I do, I prefer a different earring other than diamond. Not anything like loops or gauges. Just another kind of gemstone that sets me apart from the norm.

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    1. I totally agree but I like my earings cause even if I want, I can’t take them out… Well I could but it’s way to hard to do it all by myself and I did them for a reason I don’t want them going anywhere yet πŸ™‚ they say my story in a more silent way than tattoos

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