The ultimate packing essentials! ~ list

travel packing list

For some of us, traveling is essential… But packing in the other hand is tricky, don’t you think?
August is the time of the year that I am allowed to disappear. This year I am going to spend my time in London and Greece, so I decided to make my life (and yours) a little easier for the summer.
If packing is always making you anxious because you don’t want to leave anything behind, then this is the right post for you! Here you will find anything you could possibly need to take for your next vacations…

(I’ve left some spaces at the end of every category in case you’d like to add a few personal items *wink wink* that you don’t want to forget.)

1. Clothing & Footwear

☐      Jeans

☐      Skirts

☐     T-shirts

☐     Tank tops

☐     Dresses

☐     Shorts

☐     Underwear and Bras

☐     Swimsuits

☐     Pajamas

☐     Jacket and coat

☐    Sandals

☐    Flip flops

☐     Converse

☐    High heels

☐     Socks


☐    Face wash

☐    Moisturizer

☐    Soap

☐    Razors

☐    Epilator

☐   Perfume

☐   Q-tips

☐   Lip balm

☐   Deodorant

☐    Hair ties/ Brush

☐    Toothbrush / Toothpaste

☐    Mascara

☐    Eye shadows

☐    Period pads / Tampons

☐    Mouthwash

☐    Eyebrows kit

☐    lipstick

☐    Eye liner

☐    Small mirror

☐    Tweezers etc

☐    Some wax stripes

☐    Wipes

☐     Exfoliating glove

3. Entertainment

☐    Headphones

☐    Charger

☐    Book

☐    Notebook and pen

☐    Phone and Laptop

4. Essentials

☐    Keys

☐    Wallet

☐    ID / Passport.

☐    Boarding pass

☐    Cash, credit cards

☐    Scarf

☐    sunglasses

☐    Pain relievers

☐    Anti – allergic pills

Enjoy your holidays!! 


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