31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE- old photo of me

Looking at old pictures makes me question many of my past decisions.
Not to mention, I’ve changed my lifestyle quite a lot, since I realised that I was a big disappointment for young Nina.


I once used to be a little baby girl, innocent and full of life.
This little person had no worries, didn’t make ”mistakes” or at least they didn’t count. My only problems at that time were ”This cartoon is scary” or ”my friends don’t want to play”.

Growing up means of course, trying out new things in order to form your own unique personality and to have different opinions when it comes to socializing with other people.
That’s when I started having more problems such as school tests, ”love” and family issues.

My very, very first boyfriends. (My love life was way more exciting back then than it is now to be honest!)

Like some say ”people don’t change”.
Obviously our looks change and we mature as time passes by… But a few things remain the same. The warmth in our hearts, our childish smiles and the sweetness in our eyes!



As we get older, many things are going to change in our lives. Some people will stay with us, some won’t. Some will hurt us and some will heal us.
Our past is the only thing left to remind us of who we really are.
What would little Nina say if she could see me?
What did your younger self expected of you?


7 thoughts on “31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE- old photo of me

  1. My younger self would be amazed of me now. Our mind changes so much as we grow and encounter reality. Good luck on the challenge by the way! Great job thus far. I read all the post backwards as you can see. Haha!

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