31 DAYS BLOG CHALLENGE – My guilty pleasure

Hiiii, new post every day.
In case you have no idea I’ve accepted the 31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE  and I’m expected to post things about myself such as memories, facts etc.
Today’s post is about my guilty pleasure, hmmm….

I guess I have a lot of guilty pleasures haha.13820617_1738259399747418_1356852726_n
Since I was a little girl my mother told me I am not allowed to drink from the bottle placed in the fridge or in the kitchen, so that other people can drink too. ”There’s a reason we have glasses, Nina!” she used to say.
As I’ve mentioned in my post earliest childhood memory, I used to be a little devil – which hasn’t changed that much over time. So, guess what?!?

  1. I love drinking from the bottle!
  2. When I’m home alone, I like singing and dancing all around the house. Sometimes I even change the lyrics or the beat of the songs. I literally pretend I am a singer on stage. Don’t judge haha.
  3. I am a flirty little butterfly. Sometimes I can’t control my urge to flirt with people, probably because I enjoy it so much. I may (not) know them, I may not be allowed, I may not even like them but it happens automatically without meaning a thing! I can’t change who I am, sorry ”flowers”.  (did you get what I did here? Butterfly – flowers?)
  4. I hate bras most of the time I don’t even wear one or I take it off right when I step my feet inside a house.
  5. I feel more comfortable without trousers and shoes, that’s why I usually wear dresses and that’s probably the reason I had an accident while barefoot, out in the streets on New year’s eve!
  6. I like buying used clothes with little money or even getting them for free from my family members!

The list is endless and I kind of like keeping some mistery.
Which ones do you do? Let me know in the comments down bellow! 🙂



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