31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE – Earliest Childhood memory

Did you miss me?
Joke, I suppose you already have had enough of my every day posts!
In today’s post though, I am going to write about my earliest childhood memory.

Some ages back, when young nina was pretty similar to the one you know…. every day used to be another challenge for my mother.
Maybe I used to look like a cute little girl with brown hair that you might have seen on a poster advertising ice-cream in my grandmothers neighbourhood, but honestly I was a pain in the ass.
One morning my mother took me to her best friend’s house, that used to be a hairdresser. Obviously I got excited, when I saw all of the different scissors and combs. But I decided to act on it, only after they left me alone to check my mothers new hair colour.

Nina: ”mom, look at my pretty hair”
Mom: ”Looks great darling!”
Nina: ”MOOOOM, what do you think of my hair now??”
Mom: ”WOW, my girl is so pretty don’t you think Georgia?”
Nina: ”I think I kind of like my hair this way more”
Mom: *comes to the kitchen, sees banch of hair on the ground, looks at me, realises I had been cutting my hair this whole time, shorter and shorter* NOOOOO!!!

For months after that I wasn’t allowd to go out of the house without a bandana! lol.jpg
I even had my school picture taken, while I was wearing a pink bandana that said ”Barbie” on front!
That’s a picture of me that shows my hairstyle and my great personality!!

Who would have told me, I’d still be cutting my own hair today?
I guess people never really change haha!


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