31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE – Meaning of ”free spirit”

Good morning everybody! Even though in Germany it is midnight, I find it easier to concentrate. Most of my blog posts are written in the night, could that mean I am a night owl?

In this post I am supposed to talk about my bussiness name ”Free Spirit” and I guess many of you have wondered ”why free spirit?”.
Are you ready to find out?

If you’ve already read my about page you probably know what it means but there’s more to say about it other than the definition itself.


free spirit

 an independent or uninhibited person.
  1. Synonyms: individualist (individual), nonconformist ,unconventional person, original, eccentric, bohemian, rare bird, an open- mind, creative.

I guess that makes sense, right?
The first time I heard this term though was, when I was watching a movie (possibly Blue crush 2). And it really did touch my soul. I felt like it described my personality and put a title on my dream life.
So, I basically started using it as a secret name for me, in my head – weirdness level over 900000!!! And one night as I was trying to communicate with a friend of my mother, that was reaaaally drunk he told me ”I’m very proud of you Nina, you’ve tried it all and you ended up being a better person than before! You are inspiring and I believe in you! You are a free spirit” As you can imagine his words made me way too emotional, so I cried but the ”you are free spirit” thing shocked me, as he has no idea about my blog?!?!

Anyways, Free spirit is also connected with the tattoo ”free” I want to get since I was 8 years old (maybe I’ll get it done this summer -who knows?). Because the reason I want this tattoo is to remind me that:
”I am a free human being, I am free to go wherever I want, do whatever I want, be with whoever I want and say what I want.” This could be my mantra or something haha.

That was it!
Do you think I deserve the title of a free spirit? Let me know in the comments down below 🙂 Until then, have a great day!



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