Prom night!

As long as the morning sun rises every morning, we are always going to get older and older. Our lives will keep changing, we’ll have to try out new things and let go of others… People will come and others will leave without even saying goodbye… We’ll finish school, find a job, get married, get pregnant… That’s just how it is supposed to be right?

Speaking from experience, I’ve always waited for THAT moment.
For the moment I’ll be finished with school, for when I’ll be finally 18, for summer, for winter… I’ll be stressed out months before a big exam only in the thought that at some point it’s going to happen… and then I wake up one morning and I realise it’s all done.
I did everything, everything is completed.
My prom was one of these moments. I kept thinking about it since I first started school and now it already belongs to the past. Just for my memory’s sake I thought it would be a good idea to write a post about it, just like the one about Berlin or my best friend’s birthday ”party’‘.


After a ”greeeaat” dream, everything seemed to goas expected – wrong!

I couldn’t style my hair the way i wanted and no one could help me either. This really did affect my mood to the point I no longer wanted to go there!

I calmed down after I finished my make up because I realised I look great anyway haha.

That’s the finished look:

For the night I prepared small surprises for the people I loved, as for example my ex-wife, some great teachers and for the social worker that has been a very highlighted person in my life.
Most of the surprises were letters, in which I thanked them for being so supportive and understanding the last 2 years. But they ended up being pretty emotional as well!



Though, I wasn’t the only one surprising people with letters – or maybe I was. A teacher of mine brought some letters that we (the students) wrote to ourselves when I first came to that school and I only have to say  ”I have fortune telling abilities!”.
Basically in this letter I congratulated myself for finally doing it, but I knew I wasn’t going to work that hard! I also reminded myself that in our lives people come and people go and that we shouldn’t give up or change to make someone else happy. At the end of the day we are and will always be a part of something special which we may not know about yet.

As you can see there are paparazzi everywhere around me haha.
But I am totally fine with that because I love pictures. I mean look at this one, now I can look at it as often as I want and remember the time I made myself cry on my graduation!

Moving on, we had to walk into the room with out partners and supposively the teachers would vote for who has to be the prom queen and king, blah blah – I didn’t want to be one anyways. Then we had to read a poem in front of everybody, we sang a song all together, we watched the rest of them doing their things, we gave roses to the teachers…



I gave one to my math teacher – which I thought was very bad at her job and I tried to get her fired… OOPS well I realised I was just too lazy to learn and understand all she tried to explain…

And with Lari we gave a rose to the social worker on stage where everyone said ”awwwwwwwwwwwhhhh” and then we all started crying. The usual haha.


And lastly we got our certificates, WOOOHOO!!
The weird thing about that was that I got a commendation because of my good grades!?!?! Which only made me want to get better grades next year, in the Berufskolleg. And enrich my certificate collection haha.


Lari: ”Now he’s gonna tell your name girl!!!”
Nina: ”Let’s pretend I am not excited okay? haha”

Here are some more pictures:

Basically prom helped me put like a dot at the end of my past so that i can start working on my future haha (that was a great sentence- very poetic)
On that night I spent time with my exes (sunny boy included) and my ex-wife, we all got along… I can move on now – there are no harsh feelings or anything like that!
The class of 2016: (I look forward to never seeing you again! :D)
Image (3).jpg

The after party was lame, I don’t feel the urge to write about it.

I’d like to read some stories about your graduation night! Make sure to leave a comment down below 🙂


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