31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE – introduction

Hello, hello my friends!

I suppose you’ve all noticed I haven’t been active enough (on my social media, blog, life in general) in the last few months, and I am going to tell you why in this post.
*drums*”Ladies and gentlemen, the moment of truth!!!”
As known, I broke up with my ex boyfriend and ex-wife (best friend) 
in February. In April I had my final examination so I had to study hard to learn everything i missed the past 15 years at school… therefor I was really, really stressed.13820591_1738015329771825_1168307501_n

After everything was over I turned into an antisocial, lazy af teenager, that prefers movies over life. And I asked F.W. the social worker in my school (well, old school), why?
She thought that after all of these changes, my body and mind had no time to rest. As a result it couldn’t accept things and move on. Anyways this phase is over or at least I am recovering right now. I couldn’t write – or I wrote for my eyes only. I kind of questioned this whole blog idea and being exposed on the internet etc.

But here I am,
we are all going to die anyway.
No that sounded pessimistic, lets sayyy – we are all just stardust! we exist for some time and for a special reason but what happens to us or what we do is sometimes so unimportant for the rest of the world that really isn’t the world. For example success, money, break ups etc. They all change nothing, we are still some tiny, (stupid) humans in an endless universe you know?
ANYWAYS all I am trying to say is that, what we do today is what brings us closer to happiness or to our purpose (because everything happens for a reason – I could prove it based on my life, obviously I am not a scientist or anything like that, I just feel it in my daily life).
And that’s the reason I decided to keep on doing what I enjoy doing – living la vida loca!
And a part of that is my blog as well, it’s who I am! Does that even make sense?
So I decided to try out this 31 day blog challenge so get started!

Talk to you tomorrow then! 🙂
Stay tuned to read my post ”20 things about me”!!!


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