Spending some time with a great mind.

Sometimes, I feel it’s necessary to take some days/weeks/months off for myself.
Lets call that some time to recover… Some time to process what has been said or to make decisions.
Yesterday though I thought it was about time to meet with one of the greatest minds.
We’ve only had the chance to meet twice alone, but both times we didn’t stop talking.
This ”awkward silence”, just doesn’t happen.
Anyway, yesterday after a shocking awakening, I decided to meet up with him and lay for the rest of the day under the sun. Which is what we did without really planning it.
The place we visited was the waterfall between my town and his town. Where everything had a story. That’s where Sunny boy and I had our first kiss, that’s where we fell in love, that’s where I used to meet up with my friends, we used to look for Jamaica…. I only managed to visit that place after all this once and that was months ago.
Walking towards this place, made my heart break – I literally felt like crying without a special reason. I was emotionally charged because of all these memories. Even my clothes had a special connection with this place…

One of the best days, I am never going to forget….
And now, a wonderful place, silent and sad. They even put signs ”Private” so that nobody goes there. 13288897_1717858761787482_1504484445_n

Anyways I am going to go back to this meeting with my friend.
We talked about politics, love, society, friends, even about magic!
He’s so open-minded you can really talk about anything with him- and that’s what I like in people. When you can just open up, share your ideologies, create new theories….13235856_1717870128453012_861334770_n.jpgAnd after hours of talking we decided to go to another place,  a lake.
On our way there we had to cross over the train tracks! I did this for the first time in my life, it felt so crazy. The funny thing was, I crossed over and then I thought ”No! I want to make a picture” and I went back there, trying to make a picture as fast as possible!- We didn’t get the chance to go closer to the lake because the grass was really high and we were scared there could be snakes or something. But we laid there and continued talking.
We were lucky enough to see some rabbits, some goats, some squirrels… Patrik also expected to see some deers but nope.
The weird thing about this place was that behind a small house by the lake was a grave!?!?!? I first thought that maybe a dog or another animal died and that’s why they buried it there but Patrik said that there was a name on it.
Interesting I know, but I am not the right person to investigate…. I get scared way to easily!!


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