Fighting for that flame to stay alive.

I hate you.
I’m sorry I didn’t mean this.13249498_1716741781899180_1343219218_n
Come back.
I need you.
I said I love you.
I… I’m scared.
Can you hear me?
You really can’t?
Why don’t you understand?
You never do.
Fuck this.
Fuck you.
Come here.
I miss you.
Let’s try one more time?
Think about our future,
Our future? There is no future between me and you!
Even though I wish there was.
I want you to stay.
Who’s that girl you’re talking to?
You are mine!
Well not anymore…
I can’t take it.
Why are you leaving me?
Am I so important to you, I mean it’s so easy for you to leave me?
I never said that!
Me and you against the world, remember?
I mean all I say…
I do.
But not that!
Never talk to me this way – EVER AGAIN!
Don’t speak!
You are not the same anymore…
Don’t touch me!!!
Can we still meet?
I need to talk to you.

Hey can you blow some more with me? I think the flame is not extinguished yet.

Inspired by a couple in my friends’ circle. They are in an on-off relationship since around a year now, this is what has been going on between them this whole time. But the female friend of mine once said this phrase, while trying to rescue a fire going out because of the wind, on a BBQ night- which let me think about how important it is to both of them to keep on fighting for that flame to stay alive…
They try so hard, no matter the circumstances.
Could this be ”LOVE”?


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