Dreaming away my life.

Being in love with places I’ve never been to,
with languages I barely understand,
with dances I’ve never really danced.
With people that may not even exist.

Tears run down my cheeks when I listen to songs about the land.
My heart keeps beating faster and faster as I think about the kind of love, I didn’t have.
My body can’t stop moving on its own rhythm,
I can’t stop singing all they say in the songs of freedom.

I might be crazy, to believe
that this is not only a dream.
I might be crazy if I try,
to be a part of my imaginary life.


6 thoughts on “Dreaming away my life.

  1. It’s not crazy – dreaming about and being inspired possibly non-existent things increases the likelihood of them existing one day in your future.

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      1. I do deep, I’m afraid. And this philosophy is what I’m remembering is the best way to live my own life after some years of being less adventurous. πŸ™‚

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      2. Ye actually i suppose in have been doing this the past 3 months without realizing it haha like “its okay, i aint going out now but I’ll make sure you wont see me when i meet some new people next year” haha

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