Listen to your heart.

That’s it. 30aaa2a5153f325045607eb630facd5e
We are meant to follow our hearts.
Do all we feel is right.
We should face failure, fear and disappointment,
because that’s the only way we are ever going to live free.

We waste our youth,
worrying about making mistakes,
being left alone…
We think over and over again,
trying to do the ”right” thing.
But that’s just a title.
There is not right or wrong.
Everything happens for a reason,
cause even when you find yourself in darkness,
be sure you are soon going to enjoy the light.

That’s how things work.
We cry, we curse, we get lonely,
but that’s the only way we can prepare ourselves for the best to come.
It’s not the end of the world,
The sky is limitless and that’s why everything is possible.
You ain’t got nothing to lose,
just live it!

Not matter how embarrassing, desperate, sad, crazy it might be.
Just live it!
Only our memories are left behind, remember that.


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