I believe in originality.

Stranger: Why did you move to Germany?
You: Well it was just an idea… we had to run away from poverty somehow…
Stranger: And what are you doing there?
You: I am graduating high school in July and after that I am going to college… no one expected that!
Stranger: Are you going to study afterwards?
You: I am planing to study journalism, oh well I don’t know I will decide in 2 years haha
Stranger: Yeah, you have time 🙂
You: You know my life changes from the one day to the other… I wasn’t planning to go to college, it was just an idea hahahaha
Stranger: ahaha yeah i know how life is 😛
I’m a musician… quick changes are part of my life
You: wow that’s interesting.
I can sing haha
Stranger: really?
You: yes, I used to get lessons but I stopped because I found it too mainstream…I hated the idea of being like the rest of them.
I believe, when you have a talent you should let it be.
It’s like drawing, if you can draw you can draw, if you get lessons you will draw like they want you to… I mean most of the biggest artists didn’t get lessons, they just did it.
Stranger: hmm… I don’t know…It’s like…
You: It’s like writing, I write how I feel is right, if i get lessons about creative writing my originality will be gone.
Stranger: You can draw by holding the pencil in a certain position… but what about if someone shows you another way? Maybe you will get better…
Yeah… but I think it’s important to get all you can from the world.. If you’ve got a talent you can decide if all you’ve heard was useful or not… don’t you think?
You: well, I believe that certain things are just like a heart beat…
For example dancing. ”I can’t dance”  he said and he never even stands on the dance floor…
There is no ”I cant” if you feel it, you’ve got it…
If you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can also sing, what keeps you back is the idea of what others may think.
Stranger: yeah that is true
You: Because there is this certain ”beautiful”, there is a certain way of doing things and if you don’t do it the way they want you to, well that’s a very bad thing…
For example if someone had to choose based on beauty they would probably choose one of my friends instead of me, because all of them follow the certain way women live these days, they put makeup on, they buy clothes that fit their ”fashion”…I don’t.
Stranger: but if you could find a way to dance or write or draw better and this could make u express what you have inside in a more complete way… would you believe all they say or wouldn’t you worry about being contaminated by other’s thinking?
You: but people like me for who I am, because they know I am not going to change for marketing haha
Stranger: ok but we should start from the idea that 80% of people is stupid 😛
You: it’s like singing, some people will like the way I sing, because it’s my way of singing, do you understand what i am saying?
Stranger: yeah yeah i understand
You: I mean how many people where considered ugly or not good enough, just because they were doing it their way?
Stranger: yeah about that, I agree with you
You: well there are so many examples of famous people haha that we wouldn’t have heard of, if they were just like the rest…
Stranger: but, think of it as if you are baking a cake, there is a certain way to do it…
You: well you may use 1 egg, I may use 4
Stranger: no okay, you  are right:P
You: hahaha, I just believe in originality
Stranger: it’s just… maybe no one will eat it…but it’s your cake
You: yes haha and if I like it someone else will too, even if that’s just my mother xD
Stranger: wow 😀

The reason I like Omegle,is because it gives you the opportunity to get inspired when the only thing on your mind is ”when is it all going to be over?”…
This is a real copy from a conversation I had with Nico, a musician from Italy.
He is totally aware of this post, as we’ve became friends on social media.

One of the few things I love about life, is that you’re always going to meet wonderful people with colourful minds, even if this is on the Internet…
What do you think about talents? Should they remain natural or is it better if you have someone to show you how to do it best?


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