Happy Endings…

There are some people that love happy endings, but some people don’t.
Some people prefer the endings of the movies the watch to be sad, incomplete, never ending or ended at the glance of a bloody knife.
I am not this kind of person.
I like it romantic, soft, touching and unforgettable.
Movies should touch my soul, they should make my heart beating faster, they should make tears of happiness run down my cheeks.
Maybe that’s because I am a good person or maybe because I tend to look on the bright side of life.
Maybe because I am not jealous of other’s happiness, maybe because I don’t compare myself to all these pretty women finding their prince on a boulevard in Beverly hills.
I may be a dreamer. I surely am.
Every movie, adds a little bit of more sparkle in my life. It helps me create out of scratch the image in my head when I am day dreaming. It kind of helps me see the world from a different perspective.
It brings light and love into my life even when I know I am just sitting in front of a TV screen.
But then again I know, I know that the ending of a movie might be a piece of hope, a little lesson, a sweet lie.
Whats better than sharing the same happiness with someone else, even if it’s based on a script?
If in the moment you can’t do the same in your real life, it’s fine to just watch.
It’s fine to watch and dream that one day, in a parallel universe, in a different country, wearing the exact same clothes as I am wearing right now, I might meet my prince.
I might be standing at balcony full of blooming flowers listening to this loud music coming out of his, oh well maybe not out of his limousine like in ”pretty woman” but perhaps out of his vintage speakers on his shoulders or even out of his old guitar.
Maybe one day I will get the chance to dirty dance with somebody instead of making love. Maybe one day I will be as happy as the main characters in all of these films.
Maybe one day someone will come to fight for me.
Maybe somebody will return as fast as possible because he’s missed me….
Why watch pointless films with sad endings?
Dream on!

What kind of movies are your favourites? Share it with all of the free spirits in the comments down below, do you have any recommendations ? 🙂


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