Les Brown (Motivational speaker)

Leslie CalvinLesBrown an American motivational speaker, author, radio DJ, former television host, and former politician.
”It’s possible”

He manages to energize people to meet the challenges of the world around them, either you’re a student, a not-as-successful worker, a young mother with a dream… You HAVE to listen to his speeches…

Today, I started watching this video that was on the ”recommended section” on youtube, without really knowing who or what it was about.
I have to admit, it is one of the few videos I managed to watch till the end…
It really didn’t only make me think and laugh, but it also motivated me, it fed my hunger for support, it somehow gave me the strength I need to move forward….les-brown-quotes-7

My generation, the future of this planet is lacking life goals… We tend to sit in front of our computers, talking to people online, or study for no special reason. Not all of us are dreaming… not anymore.
What really annoys me when I meet new people, is that most of them have no imagination. I mean not everybody has devoloped this part of their brain of course, for example I didn’t train my math skills… at all. But all I am trying to say that people around me only focus on the result.
”What are you going to do after school?”
”I will go to a college, then I will study, then I will become a marketing person, and I will work for someone for the rest of my life, to make good money and buy a big house and buy a big car and sleep early and and and”
Do that. I am not willing to.les-brown-quotes-3

As cliche as that sounds ”we only live once damn it ”.
One day we are going to look up and realise all we did and all we didn’t do in our lives.
One day we are going to feel like all we had was as fast as a short film from a new film maker. A short film without a special point. But we could change that. We are the ones that can turn our world around, we are the ones that can actually do something out of their miserable (or not) lives. We are the ones with a surprise ticket to success in our pocket, we only have to find it, we only have to place our hand in in our pockets.
Like I’ve always said to myself.
”Nina, you are the fucking main character in this film, you are the director. Don’t let a stuntman steal the show.”

I hope you enjoy the video, have a great night. xoxo



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