Dalai Lama’s Personality test.

Dalai Lama suggested we should try it and see if it works for us.

I was basically scrolling down on facebook, when I came across this test and like every other night owl that is full of curiosity, I gave it a go!
The article was in Greek so I thought to myself, it would be a great idea to translate all I read and share it with the free spirits 🙂

So, are you ready??
Don’t cheat, you should keep on going steady through the test, follow every step.
Read and answer one question after the other!

”Minds are like parachutes – they only function when open.” – Thomas Dewar

  • 1. Write down the following five animals in the order of your preference:
    – Cow
    – Tiger
    – Sheep
    – Horse
    – Pig

  • 2. Write a word to describe each one of the following:
    – Dog
    – Cat
    – Rat
    – Coffee
    – Sea
  • 3. Write down the name of a person you know and that you associate with, to each colour:
    – Yellow
    – Orange
    – Red
    – White
    – Green

    Well done! You are ready, now scroll down to see the answers :


  • 1
    • Cow = CAREER
    • Tiger = PRIDE
    • Sheep = LOVE
    • Horse = FAMILY
    • Pig = MONEY
  • 2
    • Dog = your own personality
    • Cat = your partner
    • Rat = your enemy or enemies
    • Coffee = sex
    • Sea = your life
  • 3
    • Yellow = a person you will never forget
    • Orange = a true friend
    • Red = a person you really love
    • White = your twin soul or soul-mate
    • Green = a person you will remember for the rest of your life


My answers:
1. Tiger, Horse, Sheep, Cow, Pig
2. Dog: Friend, Cat: Playful (my nonexistent partner), Rat: Dirty, Coffee: Aroma, Sea: Peace
3. (I am going to use nicknames here, in case they read my blog post)
Yellow: Spider Legs, Orange: Marcel, Red: Mama mia (don’t really have to hide this one, she doesn’t know the URL anyways), White: Fox, Green: Teddy

I am not sure why but after reading the answers on the first question I started crying.
I suppose it was something unexpected because some of them did really match to my personality…
I am really curious to see did this test work for you as well?
Let me know in the comments bellow 😀

Have fun!! xoxo


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