A pink rose, under the moonlight.

She appeared like a pink rose,
under the moonlight.
A sweet figure gazing,
in the endless blue sea.

The stars, the moon, the galaxy
were trapped all in her eyes.
She was afraid to stay right here,
the world is in her hands.

The salty taste of water,
made her lips dry and she felt pain.
She didn’t like to talk a lot,
The truth, gets everyone hurt.

The sprigs of all the pretty trees,
were turned into her curls.
She is another lonely soul,
Though she has many friends.

A starry night, she looked up high,
A shine seemed to be bright.
Her guardian angel took her hand,

until they touched the sky.


Finding inspiration while sketching.
Read my previous poem Just another fish, which was also written based on a spontaneous picture. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A pink rose, under the moonlight.

  1. Although I do not like the form of the poem, I do like the spirit (no pun intended!) of it.

    But is it actually friends the lyrical she has, or is it rather acquaintances? Or perhaps the concept of ‘friend’ is supposed to be contrasted with ‘lover’ instead. I highly dislike the term ‘soulmate’, most probably owing to the first part of the compound, yet mayhap you wished to allude to it. Or, last but not least, I may be completely mistaken.


  2. Thank you for being honest 🙂
    The poem has no concept, i didnt spend hours thinking about it, i only wrote what i felt about the girl i drew.
    The friends can mean anything. Friends, lovers, sex partners, imaginary friends, fairies….
    Don’t try to understand a poem. The meaning is supposed to be felt, not seen.
    What i mean is that:
    what I meant with the words I chose might be “BLUE” but maybe you thought of “YELLOW” when you read it, and it touched you….
    Thats the whole point, keep your mind open 😁💕


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