Do you believe in love?

– Let me ask you a question: Do you believe in love? I am not referring to falling in and being in love. I mean love proper, that kind of love which can last an entire lifetime. I am not talking about the fashion in which books or films portray love. I am talking about something more meaningful, something actually meaningful.

– Yes. I do believe in love. Love, love, love…

Love is nonsexual, nonverbal.
Love is just, there.
What would we be without love?
What else would we feel, other than love?
I do believe that one day we are all going to find that one and only.
We may feel it, we may experience it, we may keep it a secret. But love is always going to be there.
Sometimes it may not feel right to say it, it may not be appropriate, maybe it’s dangerous or pointless… But it’s never going to disappear. No matter what has been going on between you two… You’ll be there, you’ll feel the urge to know about his life, you may feel your heart breaking, not only because it’s an unrequited love, or because you can’t have him for you and only you, but because you can’t even see him, because you can’t hear his voice, you can no longer listen to his weird ideologies that once used to annoy you. You cannot know what has been going on in his life, you can no longer look deep in his eyes- trying to read his thoughts and fears, you can’t really help him move forward and you are afraid he’ll remain stuck in a situation.
You want him to be happy, with or without you, healthy and loved…
Do you believe in love?
*Via e-mail with Ich bin das Wort ist ich *

18 thoughts on “Do you believe in love?

  1. I do believe in love, not because I have any reason to but simply for the fact that I believe. That is, I choose to believe. Life itself lends to entropy, cynicism, and decay even in morals, principles, and ethics. Nevertheless, I believe in love because I like to be a believer. Following the streams naturally created by life through their natural courses as logic would dictate would never lead to love, but I do believe in love if only to be a dreamer.

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      1. I find love in human relations to be very unstable, kind of like pure sodium metal reacting with…whatever. I, myself, find religion to be more stable. That’s why I stick with it moreso than love in human relations terms.

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      2. Well yes if you put it that way. What i meant was just that believing in love is less harmfull as believing in religions sometimes. Most wars, bombs, conflicts etc. are caused because of religion even though they all talk about being a loving person that helps when help is needed. Anyways it was just something i wanted to point out, cause being a believer is totally acceptable. Keep on believing to all you want 😁😁


      3. There’s more to love than a lot of people understand. Sometimes it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, but at the same time so much more.

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  2. I believe it thanks to the rare but wonderful examples of the very few people I know who radiate genuine love no matter what crops up in their lives.

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    1. Exactly. One day I met the parents of a friend of mine. I came back home and I literally started crying because I had never seen anything like that before in my entire life. Two people over 50 that have traveled the world together, keep waking up next to each other and enjoy their morning coffee while looking at the sky. If thats not love, then i dont know what is…

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      1. Beautiful when we see it and feel it from people, isn’t it? A friend of mine lost his wife last year to illness and he’s struggling because for 30 years they were genuine soulmates yet he also knows how magical it was to be with her and how lucky they were.

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      2. He has quoted this to me himself so I think he will get through this. He has great friends of which I am hopefully one who helps a little too.

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