Do not panic

It’s been 6 months since we last got to see each other, 6 months since the last time I got to taste your lips, 6 months since I managed to change my life.
I’ve made new friends, I found a new boyfriend, i broke up once again, I saw places, I tried new things… but I still can’t control the feeling of panic when you are around.
I can’t help myself, knowing we breath the same air, we see the same sky, we are exchanging each other’s energy.

I am sitting in a café all by myself. I’m drinking small sips from my coffee, I’m writing a story. It is one of these moments that nothing else matters. I literally forget everyone else. I look up.
Suddenly, my heart beat rises, my eyes start watering, I can barely breathe without sounding like an old man running a marathon.
Are you aware I am here? Have you seen me? Do you even care?
I can’t stop staring, I have to make sure you haven’t seen me… You look towards me and smile.
Without second thinking, I turn my head to the other side.
I am so embarrassing.
No I am not.
Play it cool Nina.
Move on.


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