Carpe diem

T- I wish one day weed will be legal… that all I want.
L- Well no one wants it to be legal because then all we’ll be free…
N- I want peace…
L- That’s right.
N- But right in this very moment, all I  want is a penguin hug.
*They hug each other*

L- we are all sad, we’re all trying to be happy. Alcohol, drug, sex… they all seem to be the easy way that would lead us to happiness… but at the end, our reality is never going to change.
T- Laughing is the best part in someones life.
N- What else could be better than laughing with some people that really love you?
L- I am feeling like the world is ours.

E-This is what is going to last, looking at the stars, spending the last moments with some friends, being there. Nothing else matters. Carpe diem…



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