I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate||Spoken Word – Suli Breaks

suli breaks.jpgSuli Breaks, a poet, a modern philosopher. Inspiration to many people that had the chance to listen to his poetry on social media. A person that has to be heard.
This unknown to most artist, has a Law degree but decided to make a career in poetry instead.
He managed to rise up with one of the rawest videos I’ve ever got to watch on youtube.
”Why I hate school, but love education”. He found a way to stop being an echo, because he knew he deserved to be a voice. A voice in the background, a voice in the hallway, a loud voice coming out of my laptops speakers.
I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate||Spoken Word -VIDEO!!

This poem talks about our generation. My generation.
Personally I’ve always been a ”bad student”. I didn’t care. I didn’t waste my time trying to find what x is in and why it keeps on playing hide an seek with me. I never understood, I am never going to.
I am one of them that learned a whole text by heart and forgot all of it the moment after writing it a test. I am one of them that don’t want to find a job – just for them to believe I am successful.
I don’t want to become someone, that my mother would be proud of according to society’s standards. I want to be given the opportunity to make my dreams come true and I am sure, she would be proud. She would be proud, regardless of my income. That title ”doctor”, ”lawyer”, ”teacher” could never replace my name. They could never change who I am, turning me into somebody else. Cause my degrees are not me.
It reminds me of a story by Jorge Bucay from the book ”Let me tell you a story”.jorge bucay
The Doorman at the whorehouse.

” -It is with tremendous pride and gratitude that we ask that you do us the honor of being the first to sign the school’s charter.

-The honor is mine, he said. Nothing would make me happier… but I don’t know how to read or write.

-You? –balked the superintendent. You don’t know how to read or write? How did you create this – empire of industry – without knowing how to read or write!? It’s unbelievable! Imagine what heights you might have attained had you known!

-I can tell you – he responded calmly – If I had known how to read and write, I would be the doorman at the whorehouse.”

Suli Breaks:

Facebook: Suli Breaks
CONTACT: info@sulibreaks.com




23 thoughts on “I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate||Spoken Word – Suli Breaks

  1. Its true,and i feel the same way.I am an engineering student in india but i am dropping out to chase my dreams.Its not the number of degrees or the amount of money you made that matters in the end.As the Buddhist say there is no difference between a dream and a waking life both are same.In dreams our subconscious mind chases after the dream but in waking life out conscious mind hinders us from chasing out dream,which is most important.

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    1. Wow this quote is actually really deep! One of my biggest dreams is to visit India and stay there to get to know the culture. Learn how to speak sone hindi, attend a hinduistic wedding, play with the colours, meditate… It sounds like the perfect place to get to know myself better. 😍

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  2. Okay!! 😆 .. I reside in the south of the country,state kerala.Here we speak malayalam but we all study hindi since its out national language.Its said that in himalayas there are many enlightened gurus and rumours of people who living a long life of more than 500 years.
    The holi festival was last week,thats when we play with colours.

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    1. I know I’ve seen some pictures on snapchat :), and this is actually really interesting… I would love to have a guru, because I believe that spiritual awaking is something everyone should experience. For the best, you know what I mean? I would love to stay in touch, I love learning new things about other cultures 😀

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      1. Look for Sophia thakurs “Beat box”, nego trues “pick your poison”, “heroes”, ” daddy are you proud of me” among others. I’m mentoring them. U can check my posts, I’m still amateur u know. 😉

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