I’m not afraid of living.

I’m not afraid of living.
I’m not afraid of failing, of falling, of feeling too much.

I’m not afraid of being alone, being with people,
Meeting people, losing people, missing people.

I’m not afraid of my mistakes, I’m not ashamed.
I don’t regret.

I don’t want to grow roots in a vase, 
My heart will bloom, in anyplace.

I’m not willing to miss chances,
looking at her while she dances.

I don’t want to look back here,
wondering,”what could I’ve done?”

Realising how much I’ve humiliated myself by talking to strangers, that became my friends or by letting people know how fast my heart beats every time I think about them…
At least now, I am looking back at all of these moments and smile. ‘Cause I know, I’ve tried, I played all of my cards and I lost the game. I lost the game, but I won life. I now know I was real, I was there…  And that’s the reason I don’t worry about anything.

Life is way too good to be wasting it, trying to be perfect.


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