DIY Stool makeover

Well yes, I am one of these people that pick rubbish on their way home and turn it into something priceless…
This time I am going to talk to you about my new stool….
As I was walking back from school one day with Lari, I stopped by a house and started looking at their ”trash”. In Germany it’s pretty common to place some of the things you don’t want, in front of your house in case somebody else would like to take them.
And that’s where I found ”THE STOOL”!!! 12884524_1694988920741133_1921933117_n (2).jpg

It was white, stable and in an acceptable condition. It was mine.
I picked it up from the ground and then I heard a voice behind me, weak and insecure…
”excuse me, am I allowed to take that?”, I got no response for a moment I felt like a thief. I put it back on the ground… ”YES, ofcourse! Take it, you can take anything you want!”
Such a relief.
Now the only thing left to do was, to give it some life!
I started yesterday, painting it. Without knowing exactly what to do…
12722667_1694988897407802_1886787183_o (2)

Yellow, Blue and Pink. I put the colours on the surface and with a slightly wet sponge I started spinning it around. I don’t know if that actually makes sense. Twisting it? Making circles? Whatever.
But it still wasn’t enough. It looked empty…
12782236_1694988787407813_1674602955_n (2).jpg

A Mandala! That’s a great idea. I started then, with a pencil at first, creating this kind of flower that you can see in the picture above. I was going to make it all black, so that it’s contrasting in comparison to the colours in the background but then I changed my mind. Like always.

Here, I added some details with a small brush… And definitely some more colours. Couldn’t resist. At least now it looks as happy as I wanted it to be….
Happy like me, happy like my thoughts, in the colours of a peaceful world!

Plus: I realised it could also turn into a night table, coffee table, stool or a place to rest your feet while sitting on the couch. It really depends on you. Only you.

I hope you enjoyed my DIY post. Maybe it wasn’t as helpful as I would like it to be, but at least you got a wonderful idea that could bring the creative designer out of you.


me not knowing a picture was taken 🙈
Please leave a comment down below, to let me know if you’d like to see more DIY post.


7 thoughts on “DIY Stool makeover

    1. I don’t usually buy new stuff… I prefer buying clothes and furniture from secondhand shops, reusing old clothes from family members or like sometimes i even pick up stuff from the street.
      But thank you for leaving a comment, I will start posting more DIY projects to inspire you 😊

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  1. I think I have never even thought about anything like this. And if you had not liked one of my posts, it may never have occurred to me at all. My forms of expression have so far been writing texts and composing music, apart from a little drawing I used to do when I was young. I am now going to explore your weblog a bit more. Thank you very much so far!

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