Cause I will always love you.

Dear, oh dear…

You broke my heart, like no one else has ever done.
I never thought you would, I couldn’t see it coming.
You were a dream come true, could I have a moment before you go?
I was hoping you were someone I used to know. But not anymore….
”It was like a movie”, my love for you….
But now….
Now it’s all gone. And now I know, I didn’t mean the world to you.
The things we’ve said, the times we’ve laughed, remember all these times we screamed I love you to each other and cried?
We were living young, wild and free…
We were sisters, brothers, friend, wives – How can it all turn to ashes while you dance?
It all turned to history.
You used to be my Mary Jane, my little elephant, my B.-fuckin-F.F.E… Was is that easy for someone to replace me?
I thought your words were true, I thought it would always be ”us two”, I thought our love was stronger than the obstacles between me and you.
Remember me.

Cause, I will always love you.

– your drug addict.



6 thoughts on “Cause I will always love you.

  1. I am deeply sorry for your loss. Do you know what makes me angry? It is because of people who say things they do not mean that my worst fear is not to be believed. It is not to be rejected but not to be believed because I mean what I say when I tell someone what I like, appreciate, and love about them or what kind of connection I feel to them. I usually shy away from the word ‘love’ these days, however, because people use it so carelessly, applying it to everything that causes the slightest approval in them, while conversely, they use the label ‘hate’ for everything that causes the slightest disapproval in them. It may be a matter of convenience, but it ruins an important part of communication for everyone, especially those who choose their words carefully and thoroughly, those who mean that which they say and say that which they mean. I think that about nine out of ten of my poems essentially deal with this topic. Perhaps this is what keeps me going.

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    1. Wow! You really got me interested. I don’t think that I could ever put all of what I’ve been thinking, in better words than you just did… That’s right love and hate are two words with really big meanings- used in our daily lives as if they were hey and bye… I find it hard to trust people nowadays when it comes to relationships because when they say they love me way to fast, the chances that they dont really mean it the real way, are really high, its like their excitement speaks. And thats why we’ve all become a little colder in our hearts…


      1. Well, after reading your ‘About’ page, I did not have much of a choice as to following your weblog. I am positively surprised by your overall positivity (*badum tss*), though; you know, when I recently re-read most of my poetry published on my weblog, I was taken by surprise because it all reads so negative. But then again, this should not come as a surprise at all, since it has been known for ever that human memory is faulty at best. Oh, people will tell others that they love them at all kinds of occasion, unaware of their actually meaning that they like or fancy them. I may only speak for myself, but my heart has not grown colder over the years and the disappointments piling up like the piles of the dead in the trenches of World War I. It has only become a fortress the defences of which cannot be breached. Instead, the only way in is to bypass them.

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      2. Well personally, I’ve become a little colder. I truly believe in love, I believe that we are all going to find that one person one day, I believe that this world actually isn’t so cruel and that we can find great people everywhere around us, if we open up. But, I kind of cant trust anyone as much as I used to, or as much as I’d like to… Either it is a friend, a lover or a stranger that wants to help me find my way to the bar, I just can’t help myself being afraid of getting heart broken or i dont know, worst scenario dead. Thats why I am not getting easily attached anymore…
        Thank you 🙂 I haven’t been positive my whole life, it’s something I’ve been experiencing since I gave up my self-hate, addictions, anger and toxic friendships. All of them have been holding me back without me even realising it. I feel so much better now. My life is a lot different…

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