Sagittarious zodiac sign

Right after laying in my bed, I recieved a message from Lari. Typical, we keep sending messages to each other before going to sleep, just to make sure the other person will be on point in our morning meetings. Usually I am late, well-every day. But she still loves me, riiight Lari? (She also is the only person in my circles, that reads my blog posts every now and then). 

Well tonight, she didn’t send me the  “07.15 am” text, but a picture. 


I am born on the 3rd of December, so my zodiac sign is sagittarious. And yes I was not expecting the last sentence either! 

Once I read it, I thought to myself “girl, you better make a post about that”. Could it be a coincidence? Are all people with the same zodiac sign, free spirits? And should I actually believe in things like that?

As about the first part, “sagittarious is irritated by people who try to hold them back from being who they want to be.”  I do totally agree. There’s nothing worse than people pretending to be somehow different – especially if you’ve got to know their good and bad sides.
We all are different and we act in a certain way. You can’t just turn into somebody else, except if you’re an actor. Well then you are at least getting paid to do so. 

Coming to an end, my opinion about that subject is that we should stop changing ourselves to fit other people’s ideals or to be likable and finally embrace our true, natural selves. Only then we’ll realise how great, fun, beautiful we all actually are. 

What do you think? 😊


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