Letters to an old good friend.

You’re going to meet too many people throughout your journey.
Some may stay by your side, but most of them will go.
They’ll walk out of your life, on the tips of their toes, just like thieves.
Well, they did take all of your memories with them.

Sometimes you catch yourself talking about some of the crazy things you’ve done together – but the feeling in your heart has changed.
You used to talk about your ”marriage”, your jokes, your whole life together and your eyes were shining bright like the stars. But now..
Now you stalk her profile on instagram and realise that she deleted your pictures, she even removed the tags from yours.
And that only makes you feel sorry.

You feel sorry for that person that can’t sort her shit in the past. She needs to make it official. And that hurts you even more.
She suddenly decides to delete you and the person she used to be and she automatically becomes somebody else.
And that’s when she disappears from your life, without giving you the reason.

Well, if you once were my friend, Celine. Or should I better say my ”wife”!!
You should’ve known I’m not like that. I’ve tried but got no response.
You used to tell me ”don’t try to fit in someone’s life, if he doesn’t make enough space for you to stay there”. So I’ve stopped trying.

It doesn’t mean I hate you, I still have our pictures hanging on my wall.
But you know what?
I miss my old best friend. And that’s not who you are anymore. I cant even recognize you…

Thank you for the greatest memories!


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