My first German essay experience – Ins Nordlicht blicken (Book)

I am coming closer and closer to my exams…
I would say it’s the first time in my life that I am actually learning for school and yes I regret that I never did that before.

So, in the German examination this year we have to write an essay about a book with the name ”Ins Nordlicht Blicken” by Cornelia Franz. I don’t know the name in English but it’s not that important anyways.
cornelia-franz-ins-nordlicht-blicken-3423782781-9783423782784The essay is going to be about the two main characters in the book Jonathan and Shary and about what has been going on between them, since they first met on the boat to Greenland.
The plot of the book is getting more and more interesting once you start realising the meaning of their words (for example: Maybe it’s about time for Jonathat Quirido to die) – Well this doesn’t make sense because actually  Jonathan thought about it. Anyways.

I would recommend reading this book, not only because of the complicated story that starts uncovering after every single page, nor because of its back and forth in the past narrating technique – which in fact I love!
But, because of the way the author presents the emotions of the protagonist, only from the way he responds to his ”family” and friend.

Today morning, the teacher thought it would be a great idea to read the dialogue I wrote, to practice between Jonathan and Shary in front of the whole class.
This is something really wow for me because I’ve only been speaking the language for a year!!!
The whole class was silent and listened closely to me and the teacher basically ”acting” with our voices. If I was asked last year – I would say ”there is no freaking way I am ever going to write 4 pages in German and if I did, they would be really bad”.
Well here we go, they actually were quite good.

”I am really proud of you” said my German teacher and my whole self esteem smiled back at her.


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