One day…

Mum, in six years I’ll be an adult!
I will be able to do all I want, to go where I want, anytime without asking for permission!
Oh, time flies so fast – three years left!

A few months, now I am so close to all I’ve ever thought about, but it seems so far away… I thought I would be responsibility free…

We are always counting the years, counting the minutes, counting, counting, counting…
Everyday we’re one step closer to our big moment, and we keep saying

”One day I’ll be free,
One day I’ll be famous,
One day my son will say thanks mum you’re great,
One day I’m going to meet this person that will show me what love is…

One day I’ll make my dreams come true, every single one of them,
I’ll be able to talk about all of my crazy adventures to my friends,
One day I’ll make my mother proud,
I’ll be happy!”

We keep feeling incomplete, unsure, afraid.
We are going to make all of them happen some day – but not today – one day….
We spend our days planning, being on the internet, sleeping, wasting our times.

I know, we aren’t going to start doing until we know for sure it is the right moment.
Until we have our whole lives sorted out, until we… are too old.
That’s our biggest mistake.

”One day baby we’ll be old, oh baby we’ll be old and think of all the stories that we could have told….”


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