Lari’s birthday adventure…


First of all, let me make an introduction to the birthday girl right here.
Larisa Ionășanu (Or how I like to call her Lari), finally 17 years old – One the few people in this world, that actually like helping their friends instead of being jealous of their happiness!! *An applause for Lari*
12084023_1693516570888368_1002722448_nWell, that’s me in this black and white picture, ready to get the party started..

So the original plan was to go to a club. It was going to be me, Larisa, a good friend of mine Jakob and her cousins.
Don’t ask me why, but for some reasons every club on that night had a special event – which means that only people over 18 were allowed to enter…

We then decided to go to a bar in Nürtingen, also for people over 18 but, let’s be honest here, I’ve been there way too many times to worry about that…
We ordered our beer, we sat down, everything was nice and easy until a guy came over and said ”your ID cards, please”. Cold sweat started rolling down my face because we all knew we were illegally in a bar that has a big sign in front of the door saying ”FOR OVER 18”.
”Let me find it” I said and started ‘looking’ inside my bag, ”oh I am so sorry, I must have forgotten it at home, would that be a problem?”
”well miss, you have to get out”,
”but I paid for this beer”,
”still, that’s the law speaking”,
”that’s unfair, I’ll do bottom-up and then I can do all you say”
”Watch me”
and just like that we finished our beers in no time and found ourselves on the street calling Lari’s cousins, that never showed up.

Our next stop was the train station, we were supposed to catch the next train to Reutlingen, to meet up with her cousins at their favourite bar.
12084201_1693515444221814_94602228_n (2).jpg

That’s me, Lari and Jakob trying to buy a group ticket from the machine, without the help of a stranger we wouldn’t have made it. But guess what – we manage to miss the train to Reutlingen!!
We looked at the plan and the next one would come in an hour, we had to choose between waiting for the next train or cancelling the party. But instead, we went to another platform and found out when the train to Stuttgart would come… In only ten minutes!
Lari: ”Noooooo, that’s not a good idea, Stuttgart is too far away and my mother said I should be home at 00.30”
Nina: ”Come on, it’s your birthday!!! We should be having fun right now…”



It all seemed like a big joke on us, we spent the next 10 minutes trying to find something else to do and then, out of nowhere, the train came!
Lari, obviously started having second thoughts about that but once she saw us walking in, she had no other choice but joining us.
And soooo our adventure began…
12833324_1693515394221819_1603312126_n (2)

Once we sat down, Lari called her cousins to let them know ”we took the wrong train by mistake” and that they should come to find us there. Well they didn’t.

12443207_1693515344221824_18722254_n (2).jpg

After a long ride, we finally reached our destination… The only thing I wasn’t aware of was that we had to take the next train in 20 minutes, to be home on point.
One thing was left to do, find alcohol.
On our way to the bar, her mother called her – she wasn’t quite happy to hear about our trip but it was already too late to change that.

As the time was flying away, I persuaded her to stay longer – I usually am the good friend, I don’t know what was going on with me that night.
Nina: ”Lari, you have to get out of your limits, do something crazy, live your life! You spend your days at home, now it’s your chance to make memeries!!!”
Lari: ”But, I don’t want to disappoint her…”
Nina: ”well you don’t have to, we’ll say that my mother will pick us up and that we’ll go out with her”
Lari’s mother after Lari told her about our ”plan” : ”Okay have fun and send me pictures!”

Well, I wasn’t expecting a reaction like this but thanks to all the blondies out there, it wasn’t that hard to make a fake picture – just in case.


We made it darker so that it’s more believable and voila. We were covered for now…

Now, the bar.
We went to a bar called Mata Hari, it was FULL of people, you couldn’t even walk to the other side. We took our beers and went outside where many other people stood – I suppose because they hated the crowd.12226407_1693515250888500_233169227_n.jpg
Lari was pretty sure that this bar is one of the gay bars, we wanted to visit, so I had to make the sweet eyes with some of the girls to assure this – well, I am still not sure about the responses.

There we also met a trio of drunk guys, they changed our names, our nationalities and they basically flirted with us – Totally not my kind of people so I didn’t even get their numbers, I always do that.


At around 00.50, we were already on our way home. Lari’s mother wrote both of us, but no one replied. She was ready to send the picture of my ”mother” but I stopped her cause I had the feeling that we could actually make a real picture with my real mother.
And so we did, we found her at a bar in Nürtingen and once lari pressed send, her mother called her.
12324952_1693515274221831_1979509197_n (2).jpg

Perfect timing.
We actually drove Lari home at around 4.30 am. As you can imagine it was enough time for us to drink some cocktails and talk about our crazy night.

The day after I asked her ”so, did she kill you yet”?
And the answer was negative, that’s when I realised – Being a little crazy sometimes, isn’t as bad as we think it is.

I was definitely expecting her mother to say ”My girl, my girl, don’t lie to me, tell me where did you go last night…” Good for lari, she didn’t.
And Lari had a lesson learnt on that day ”Get out of your fucking limits!!!”


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