The break up monolog

Once again the same thing.
Over and over again the exact same words and actions.
Another person added in the list of ”unrequited love”. Another relationship broken.
”I am not going to miss you that much” I said and after he closed the door behind him, I started missing more and more all we had created.
The car, his room, his company on Monday evenings and on weekends, him warming up my butt at nights.
Our good times and our bad times. Our arguments.

Every relationship coming to an end means another heart breaking, another brain aching, somebody’s life completely changing.
Your routine is gone, your best friend is gone. You are different.
You see things differently.
Everything around you is changing and sometimes you aren’t concentrated enough to realise.
You wake up at some point and think, ”shit, when did all this happen?”
You look at pictures, you remember stories, you cry.

And then you find somebody else.


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